7 Cosmetic Products That Will Change Your Life


Makeup products are used to enhance someone’s beauty. This is why you should be wise in choosing cosmetic products that you put on your face. They must be gentle for your skin and not be skin irritating. If you don’t know what makeup products you should get for yourself, then this article can be your guide. Here are the 7 best cosmetic products from Beauty Counter.

1. Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer

This is both a skin care product and a makeup product. You know very well the importance of putting on moisturizer first before you put a cream or powder on your face. With this tinted moisturizer, you don't need to put BB cream or concealer anymore. This is available in different shades for sure you'll find one that is best suited for your skin tone.

2. All-in-One Mascara

Mascaras are used to highlight your thick and long lashes. They add appeal to your eyes. This mascara can add lift, length, and volume to your eyelashes. Its soft brush makes it easy for you to apply the product. This is smudge-proof and contains only non-toxic ingredients.

3. Skin Twin Creamy Concealer

This is available in 20 different shades. It's so creamy making the product easy to apply to your face. It's also very lightweight so it doesn't create that heavy and uncomfortable feeling on your face. This last longer than most concealers on the market. It also helps improve your skin in the long run.

4. Skin Twin Featherweight Foundation

You need a quality foundation because that acts as the base of your makeup. It holds everything from eye shadow to your blush. This foundation is breathable and lightweight so you stay comfortable while wearing it. This also moisturizes your skin making it look healthier and smoother.

5. Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick

This is a best seller at Beauty Counter. This is creamy and very nourishing. It somehow resembles your typical lip balm. This is lightweight. Wearing it feels like wearing no lipstick at all. It also has this sweet scent because of the organic vanilla contained in it.

6. Mattifying Powder

If you're not a fan of a dewy and shiny makeup look, then you need a mattifying powder like this one. This gives a smooth and translucent finish to your makeup. It absorbs shine to give you that natural look.

7. Cheeky Clean Cream Blush

A makeup look isn't complete without blush. You don't want to go around looking like a ghost. This blush will add a pop of color to your face so you look alive and healthy. The compact is refillable so it's very environment friendly also.