10 Bags For Men That Are Practical And Well Made


Regardless of your status, interests, and personal habits, you should own at least a couple of bags for men. Having a set of men’s bag for different purposes is mandatory. You need to have something for traveling, for the office, for going out and you even need a bag if you go to the gym. If you do not have a reasonable set of men’s bags, we have a few propositions for you that you may find interesting.

10. Kessler Medium Duffle

The Kessler Medium duffle is a versatile bag that you can use for multiple purposes. It can be a reliable travel bag, it can be your gym bag or it can be used as a regular bag when you need to carry a bunch of stuff. It offers plenty of storage space and it is made of genuine leather.

9. Zip Sunglass Case

While a sunglass case is not a bag per se, it tends to fall into that category. The Zip Sunglass case from Leatherology is a premium case made out of genuine leather. It offers adequate protection for sunglasses, especially when traveling and you do not need to wear them all the time.

8. Small Double Zip Toiletry Bag

For everyday use, a toiletry men's bag may not seem all that useful. However, if you travel a lot, you do want to have a toiletry bag. Made out of genuine leather, with premium construction and attention to detail, the Leatherology toiletry bag is an absolute must.

7. Sloan Backpack

When it comes to backpacks, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, if you want something more elegant and premium, you need to consider the Sloan Backpack. Made entirely out of leather, the backpack offers the same functionality and utility you would expect from such a product.

6. Kessler Medium Duffle In Canvas

The Kessler medium duffle bag in canvas is a practical choice if you like to travel a lot. Offering plenty of storage space, interior compartments, and a large opening, the duffle bag is both practical and easy to handle. The model is made using a premium material that is tear resistant and easy to clean.

5. Parker Backpack

The Parker Backpack is an even more practical version of the Sloan Backpack. It is a men's bag that is more than adequate for everyday use or the office. With dedicated storage space for a laptop, several interior pockets, and additional pockets on the outside, the backpack makes it easy to stay organized.

4. Knox Slim Laptop Bag

For a day at the office, you need to have a proper laptop bag. However, if you like to commute light, you need something slim. The Knox slim laptop bag fits the bill. It is made out of genuine leather, a slim profile, and some additional storage pockets.

3. Warren Large Brief Bag

Nothing feels more practical than a proper brief bag. The Warren brief bag is the better option if you are looking for something elegant and well-made. Using only genuine leather, this particular men's bag offers plenty of storage space, elegance, and practicality.

2. Multi Pocket Toiletry Bag

A regular toiletry bag can get the job done very well. However, if you want something even more practical, you need to consider the Multi Pocket toiletry bag from Leatherology. It is a men's bag that you should own mainly because it makes it very easy to keep things properly organized when traveling.

1. Laptop Messenger Bag

A laptop messenger bag is probably the most practical men's bag you can get. The Leatherology messenger bag comes with a simple strap, a large compartment, a side pocket, and a premium leather construction. If you want something elegant and practical, this is the bag to get.