8 Online Wedding Shirt Options


If you’ve got a wedding drawing near that you’re attending, it’s time to get online and buy your wedding shirt. There’s a wide range available at the Tie Bar website. Here are eight of them so that you can make sure you’ll definitely be covered for the big day ahead.

1) Pinpoint Solid White Non-iron Dress Shirt

Coming in light blue, and lavender colors, this shirt is a great choice to wear at a wedding. It comes with both a standard and trim fit option, the neck size ranges from 14.5 to 18.5, and the sleeve size from 32/33 to 36/37.

2) Pinpoint Solid Point Collar White Non-iron Dress Shirt

Out of all the white shirts at Tie Bar, this one's known as "the superstar." Any tie that's also found online should be able to complement and fit it with perfection.

3) Herringbone Tuxedo White Non-iron Dress Shirt

Planning on wearing a tuxedo? Don't forget to include the right shirt with it too! You can use studs here instead of buttons and add your cufflinks as you dress for the occasion.

4) Herringbone White Non-iron Dress Shirt

If you're looking for a top-of-the-range wedding shirt and one that's of high quality, then the Herringbone Non-Iron Dress could be the one for you! It works well with any tuxedo or suit and complements both of them well!

5) Petite Gingham Navy Non-iron Dress Shirt

This classic is one you'll want to consider adding to your wardrobe. It comes in a wide variety of colors to choose from, including navy, sky blue, burgundy, teal, brick red, and goldenrod.

6) Textured Solid Lavender Non-iron Dress Shirt

If you want a lavender colored shirt that comes with a little more texture, the Solid Lavender Non-Iron Dress is a fantastic wedding shirt option! It also comes in white, light blue, and light pink.

7) Textured Solid Light Pink Non-iron Dress Shirt

A strong shirt that comes with added comfort is the Textured Solid Pink Non-Iron Dress. It's collar is semi-spread, while the shirt is made fully from cotton.

8) Classic Gingham Navy Non-iron Dress Shirt

The Classic Gingham Navy Non-Iron Dress Shirt is navy blue in color, has a mitered cuff, and semi-spread collar. If you're worried about your shirt falling out, rest assured that'll not be the case here! This wedding shirt option is one that will stay tucked in tight so that it won't affect your day.