8 Pair Of Shorts For Women That Are Practical And Easy To Wear


During hot summer days, you cannot wear a pair of pants or jeans and feel comfortable. You need to have a few pairs of shorts and skorts. If you are actively looking to renew part of your wardrobe, shorts should be at the top of your list. Nothing beats the comfort they offer. To jump right to the point, we handpicked 8 different models of shorts and skorts that may be worth checking out for their practicality and quality.

8. Black FLOAT Ultralight Skort

The black FLOAT ultralight skort is exactly what the name would imply. It is a lightweight skort that is very easy to wear, practical, and well made. The skort is mainly recommended for active women that enjoy exercising or biking.

7. Plum Compressive Long High Rise Bike Short

If you love biking, you need a proper pair of shorts. The Plum Compressive long high-rise bike shorts are ideal if you are looking to boost your performance. With a compression effect, natural fit, and stretchable material, the shorts ensure that you enjoy every single ride with your bike.

6. Moss Gazelle Short

The Moss Gazelle shorts is one of the most comfortable pair of shorts you can get. Made to have a relaxed fit, the shorts use a lightweight material and have a built-in underwear liner. They are so comfortable that they can be used for running, hiking or you can even sleep in them.

5. Plum Weekend Wrap Skort

If you are looking for a versatile pair of shorts, the Plum Weekend Wrap skort should be on your radar. Made to look like a skirt but with built-in shorts and two side pockets, the model becomes extremely practical and easy to wear.

4. Midnight High-Rise Bike Short

For women that love biking, the Midnight High-Rise bike short will prove to be an excellent choice. Due to their simple design, high resistance to wear and tear, and tight fit, the shorts can be used for any kind of physical activity.

3. Lemonade Pleated Club Skort

The Lemonade Pleated Club skort is the kind of skort that you see on tennis players. It has a pleated design that adds a touch of youthfulness and elegance. The hidden shorts feature two side pockets while the vibrant yellow color makes them suitable for sunny days.

2. Black Trail Short

The Black Trail short is a pair of shorts that was designed for intense physical activity and active women. The high-rise design along with the cuts on the side ensures that they do not obstruct movement in any way. They feature one back pocket and are made from lightweight fabric.

1. Lemonade Stretch Woven Play Short

If you want a more colorful, lightweight, and practical pair of shorts, you should consider the Lemonade Stretch Woven Play short. They are made using a lightweight fabric along with a built-in brief liner and hidden pockets. The shorts are very comfortable to wear and feature a compressive waistband.