8 Pairs Of Jeans For Men With Timeless Designs


There is no piece of clothing more timeless than jeans. Both men and women own at least one pair. If you are looking to replace an existing pair of jeans or want to increase your choices by adding new ones to your wardrobe, rest assured, that there are plenty of options. Jeans for men are probably the best-selling type of clothing. With so many choices available, picking a pair for yourself can be difficult. To make things easier, we selected 8 pairs of jeans that are worth spending money on.

8. Wrangler® Cowboy Cut® Slim Fit Jean In Prewashed Indigo

With so many new designs of jeans, we often forget about the origins of this type of clothing. The Wrangler Cowboy Cut jeans go back to the roots, offering a classic design with a modern twist. The jeans have a prewashed aspect and a slim-fit design, making them ideal for a modern man.

7. Men's Wrangler Retro® Slim Fit Straight Leg Jean In Ranch

If you are looking for a classic pair of jeans that can take a beating, you will enjoy the Wrangler Retro Slim Fit Jean in Ranch jeans. They are made to have a relaxed fit despite being advertised as slim fit. The jeans are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

6. Men's Larston Slim Tapered Jean In Grit Indigo

The Wrangler Larston Tampered jean is an ideal choice if you are looking for something modern that you can wear every day. They have a straight boot cut design along with a worn-out aspect on the thighs area. The jeans can be found in four different colors and multiple sizes.

5. Premium Performance Advanced Comfort Cowboy Cut® Regular Fit Jean In Mid Tint

Durability is important when it comes to classic jeans. Sadly, modern pairs of jeans are made using inferior types of fabric. The Premium Performance Comfort Cowboy Cut jeans from Wrangler offer the kind of quality you would expect. They are made to be durable and comfortable to wear.

4. Wrangler x Fender Greensboro Rockstar Relic Jean In Indigo

Ripped jeans are the kind of jeans you see younger men wear. They are very popular and the Wrangler Fender Greensboro Rockstar jeans are an excellent example. Wrangler made the jeans using 98% cotton, making them extremely durable and comfortable at the same time.

3. Cowboy Cut® Silver Edition Slim Fit Jean In Black

If you are looking for something different for a change, you should try the Wrangler Cowboy Cut Silver Edition Slim Fit model. They are made to resemble classic cowboy jeans but are made in black. This provides them a modern look, suitable for men of all ages.

2. Men's Flex Weather Anything™ Tapered Fit Jean In Bronco

Adepts of the saying that less is more will love a pair of jeans such as the Flex Weather Anything from Wrangler. They are a simple pair of jeans with a straight fit and a durable fabric. Made out of a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, the jeans are both stretchable and comfortable to wear.

1. Men’s Wrangler® 20X® No. 42 Flame Resistant Vintage Bootcut Work Jean In Odessa

If you are looking for a pair of jeans with a classic look, the Wrangler 20X No. 42 jeans may be something that you would enjoy wearing. Made using a durable fabric blend and a classic design, the jeans remain a timeless model offered by the famous American brand.