8 Pairs Of Leather Shoes That Are Worth Spending Money On


Sometimes we get bored of the shoes we have and need something new. Other times, we may need to replace a pair of shoes that has degraded. Regardless of your reason to get a new pair of shoes, you need to focus on quality above anything else. There are plenty of great high heel models and sandals that may look gorgeous but quality matters. For this reason, we selected 8 pairs of high-quality shoes for you to choose from.

8. Low-Heel Gladiator Sandal

A gladiator sandal is considered one of the more elegant types of shoes that are suitable for daring women. Designed to leave the foot as exposed as possible, the Low-Heel Gladiator sandal is both sexy, appealing, and ideal for a formal evening or night event.

7. Navy + White High-Heel Sandal

The Navy+ high heel sandal is the kind of shoe that you can wear confidently at work. Made to be discreet and not stand out, the shoes come in a pleasant navy blue leather with white accents and a woven braid at the toe.

6. Strappy Studded Mid Heel Pump

The Strappy Studded mid-heel shoes are ideal for a party or a night out. Designed to be daring, provocative, and youthful, these shoes are excellent with a formal or cocktail dress. The shoes feature studded elements and only come in a white leather finish.

5. Braided Wrap Mid-Heel Sandal

If you are looking for something comfortable to wear during the summer, you need to consider a pair of sandals. Getting something like the Braided Wrap mid-heel sandals is the right choice as they are meant to be comfortable and easy to wear.

4. Mid-Heel Combat Boot

Combat boots are considered more suitable for younger women due to their modern and daring design. The mid-heel combat boot is one such example of a high-quality shoe that retains some elegance in its design. With a black suede finish, the boots are ideal when matched with a black pair of denim.

3. Leather Military High-Heel Boot

If you love high-heel tall boots, you will also love this model. The shoes are made using premium black leather and chromed elements. They have a relaxed fit making them easy to wear over a pair of jeans or with a skit.

2. Leather Mid-Heel Sandal

Sometimes we want to wear something comfortable and simple. The Leather Mid-Heel sandal is a simple pair of shoes that is easy to put on and very easy to wear. They are made to be lightweight, comfortable, and elegant at the same time.

1. Strappy Suede High-Heel Pump

All women should own at least one pair of suede shoes. The Strappy Suede high-heel shoes are a great example of elegance and modern design. Made using a dark red suede and with 3 adjustable straps, the shoes ensure that they fit well and look great at the same time.