8 Sweaters For Women That Break Away From Traditional Designs


When it comes to colder days and the colder seasons, you need to have a few sweaters in your rotation. Relying on just one women’s sweater is not such a great idea which is you should expand your wardrobe to include more. If you are on the lookout for women’s sweaters, we have 8 great models that are made using premium fabrics and have modern designs.

8. Girls Golf Too Full Zip Hooded Sweater

While the Girls Golf Too sweater is not what some would call traditional, the hooded design does make it an interesting proposition. The model is a hooded sweater with a zippered closure. It does not have any pockets but it is comfortable to wear being made entirely out of merino wool.

7. Layered Merino Wool Polo Sweater

Polo t-shirts are considered more stylish. The Layered merino wool polo sweater offers a different take on what we think of when speaking of a women's sweater. Shaped like a polo tee, the sweater is made using only merino wool and has a thicker fabric. The design makes it more elegant than a regular sweater.

6. Featherweight Cashmere Polo Sweater

The Featherweight cashmere polo sweater is a great alternative to a classic sweater. Designed with a collar that is typical for a polo t-shirt, the sweater is considerably more elegant, making it suitable for an office environment or various types of social events.

5. Layered Merino Wool V-neck Sweater

While the Layered merino wool v-neck sweater has a more classic design, the use of vibrant navy blue colors and the two-tone collar makes it elegant and stylish. The sweater is made from a very soft fabric using merino wool and has a regular fit, making it very comfortable to wear.

4. Colour Block Crew

The Color Block Crew women's sweater is suitable for more daring women. Using a youthful violet color makes it appealing and elegant. The sweater is made using a premium fabric that is lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to maintain.

3. Waffle Stitch Merino Wool Hooded Quarter Zip Sweater

If you want a classic sweater but want something more modern, you will love the Waffle Stitch merino wool hooded sweater. This women's sweater feels like a sweater but it is hooded and has a large front pocket. The sweater was made to be extremely comfortable to wear and can be paired with all sorts of outfits.

2. Ribbed Cotton Polo Sweater

If you like polo tees, you will love the Ribbed Cotton polo sweater. Using a thicker material and a ribbed design, the sweater is a must-have for women that enjoy a more sporty look. The sweater features red and white stripes on the collar and arms.

1. Jacquard Checkmate Crewneck Sweater

The Jacquard Checkmate Crewneck sweater is an excellent choice for women that are looking for a classic sweater with a modern pattern. This women's sweater was made using genuine merino wool which makes the fabric very soft and very comfortable to wear. The tones of gray and white used gives it a modern look while the whole sweater has an elegant vibe to it.