8 Women’s Hoodies And Jackets That Are Worth Spending Money On


Everyone loves women’s hoodies and jackets. For active women, hoodies are always part of their outfit rotation and as the cold season sets in, you need to have a couple of jackets in your wardrobe. If the time has come for a wardrobe renewal, we picked 8 women’s hoodies and jackets that are both gorgeous and practical.

8. Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0

If you are an active person, and enjoy jogging and going to the gym then you will love the new Hals 2.0 performance hoodie. It was designed to be lightweight, comfortable to wear, and practical. The hoodie was made using a special fabric that absorbs sweat and dries out quickly.

7. Restore Half Zip

The Restore half zip is somewhere in the middle between hoodies and jackets. It is a mix of both worlds but without the hoodie. Designed like a tall neck sweater shirt, the Restore Half zip is extremely practical if you want to achieve a more sporty look.

6. Halo Essential Hoodie

For a more simplistic and practical approach, you can never go wrong with the Halo Essential Hoodie. The model is a simple hoodie made using a premium fabric that is lightweight and offers a relaxed fit. Due to its simple design and thin fabric, the hoodie is suitable for all types of sports activities.

5. Halo Crop Funnel Neck

For a more youthful and modern look, you can try a funnel neck. The Halo Crop Funnel neck is a great choice due to its relaxed fit and practical design. Ideal for active women, the hoodie is recommended to be worn at the gym or for jogging.

4. Womens Palisades Rain Jacket

For the colder season, you need to have a proper rain jacket in your wardrobe. The Palisades rain jacket will offer the ideal balance between water protection and practicality. Designed with plenty of pockets and a water-proof exterior, the jacket is an absolute must for rainy days.

3. Santa Ana Jacket

If you are looking for women's hoodies and jackets but want something lightweight and easy to wear, the Santa Ana jacket may fit the bill. It is a practical jacket made using recycled materials and offers water resistance and UPF protection.

2. Womens Alpine Sherpa Jacket

Not everyone likes the cold. If you want to stay warm, you should give the Womens Alpine Sherpa Jacket a try. It is a jacket made from recycled materials with multiple layers that will offer proper insulation. It has two large zippered pockets and a tall neck collar.

1. Beach Hoodie

The Beach Hoodie is ideal if you like long beach walks both in the summer and the colder season. It is made using a thin fabric and has a relaxed fit which will prevent overheating. The model is also a bit shorter to give it a youthful and modern look.