8 Work Clothes From Los Angeles Apparel


Tired of the usual work clothes in your closet? Los Angeles Apparel has created a workwear apparel collection to keep you styling and comfortable during your busy days at work. All work clothes are made with high quality and durability by their skilled employees. Here are some of the workwear pieces from the collection:

1. Canvas Military Jacket

The jacket is dyed and washed with natural dye to create a vintage look. This piece is perfect for men and women who always bring a lot of stuff with them since it comes with three big pockets on the front.

2.Twill Work Pants

This unisex piece comes in eight shades, ranging from neutral colors to bright ones. Aside from wearing it in the office, it can also be used on casual days with its relaxed fitting. You can also choose from different lengths to avoid alteration.

3.Denim Shirt

The relaxed and oversized fit of this women's work clothing will give you a simple and classic look. It is made from 10oz dyed and treated denim to make it soft to wear.

4.Heavy Jersey Work Shirt

Also a unisex piece, it weighs extra heavy at 8.5 oz. Its fitting has extra room for layers of clothes in case you want to wear something underneath. For women, it can be worn tucked in on a mini skirt, while men can wear this with denim pants.

5.Denim Wrap Coat

The coat can be worn with a tie to compliment the body shape, or you can remove it to represent the casual California fashion.

6.Duck Canvas Work Pants (Unisex)

The pants are made from the most famous workwear fabric, the Duck Canvas. Because of the fabric's durability, it is tough to tear and is resistant to rough wearing. Its straight-cut design and relaxed fitting are perfect for everyday wear.

7.V-Neck T-Shirt

This t-shirt comes in six colors and is designed to emphasize the facial features of women. It is made with thicker yarn for a substantial and heavier feeling. Before selling it to the market, the shirt is treated to have resistance to fading and prevent shrinking.

8.Cotton Utility Jumpsuit

Though it is made to be sturdy, the material used to create this work clothing is 100% cotton poplin to provide a light and breathable feeling. Its chest and waist pockets are large enough to keep your office essentials.

All work clothes from Los Angeles Apparel are manufactured by the company from start to finish to ensure the quality standards of making the garment. The company uses textile and yarn products from domestic farmers in the US to help them while keeping the company’s financial aspects successful.