9 Jackets To Wear This Year


Jackets are a staple wardrobe piece and can be styled up and down with different outfits. You can find some amazing jackets with Alex Mill so let’s take a look at just some of them.

1 -Botanical Dyed Britt Work Jacket

This jacket is a classic work jacket that is made from rainwater and plant-based ingredients and finished with a 100% cotton blend. It has buttons going up the front, three pockets and it comes in two different colors.

2 - Britt Work Jacket In Recycled Denim

This is a vintage-style denim jacket that looks good and is made from a high-quality material. It fits really well and can be styled to match outfits for all occasions.

3 - Boy Blazer In Linen

If you like to keep things smart, this should be your next staple wardrobe piece. It is made from 100% linen with a 100% cupro lining. You can pair this with a matching vest and bottoms or style with some items you already have in your wardrobe, and some killer heels.

4 - Shrunken Zip Jacket In Recycled Denim

This is a cool denim jacket that has a cropped fit and will make you look and feel amazing. It has adjustable waistbands, a zip going up the front, and a number of pockets, which is very handy. No matter how you choose to wear this. One thing is for sure, and that is that you need it in your collection.

5 - Suit(ish) Vest In Mini Gingham

This is a very unique vest jacket that is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd so is a must buy if you want something a little different. It is made from 100% linen, it is soft and fits really well. You could wear these with black pants, shorts, or something else entirely.

6 - Parker Sweater Jacket

If you are looking for a knit-style jacket to keep you warm, look no further than this one. This jacket has pockets and chunky buttons for an adorable finish. It is slightly cropped and would look good layered over a t-shirt or turtleneck.

7 - Field Shirt Jacket In Ripstop

This is a unisex jacket that is army-inspired. It looks super cool and is 100% cotton. This is the type of jacket that would look awesome with some black jeans and boots and allows you to show off your unique style.

8 - Suit(ish) Blazer

This is a slightly oversized blazer that looks modern and stylish. It is made from linen, tencel, and cotton. This is different to most blazers because it is not as structured, which only makes it more versatile when pairing with other items.

9 - Boy Blazer In Houndstooth

This is a cotton-linen blend blazer that looks trendy and eye-catching. It is partially lined and has a relaxed fit. You can pair this with matching bottoms or choose something that you already have in your wardrobe.