9 Pieces Of Furniture That Are Ideal For A Reading Room


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9. Editor's Desk And Pad Kit

The Editor's Desk and Pad Kit is a small and practical piece of furniture. Made entirely out of wood, the desk set is extremely practical if you enjoy writing and like an organized space. It can also be used as a laptop stand or book stand.

8. Adjustable Solid Wood Reading Table

If you have limited floor space but still want to have a proper area for reading, you need to have an adjustable wood reading table. The table is designed with height adjustment and has lockable wheels. It also has a pivoting stand for books and takes very little floor space.

7. Nantucket Bamboo Lap Reader

The bamboo lap reader may not be a piece of furniture per se but it is something that is a must-have for someone that enjoys reading. It is made entirely out of bamboo meaning that it is lightweight and very comfortable to use. The reader also features several storage trays to keep things properly organized.

6. No-Room Book Tower Table

If you are looking for something practical and multi-purpose for your reading room, you need to get a book tower that can be also used as a table. This small piece of furniture is made using premium wood and a metal frame. With four shelves for books, it offers plenty of space to store your favorite books.

5. Carousel Bookcase Kit

The Carousel Bookcase Kit is not only elegant but practical as well. It features 3 rotating segments that can be used to store books with the top one functioning as a book stand. The piece of furniture is made entirely out of wood.

4. Mission Hardwood Floor Lamp

The Mission Hardwood Floor Lamp is an absolute must if you want to improve your reading corner. It provides a pleasant light with its crowned pyramid linen shade. The lamp is made using genuine wood and can have the brightness adjusted.

3. Levenger Medium BookBox

For practicality, there is no better choice than the Leverager Medium BookBox. It is the type of furniture for which you will easily find a spot in your room. With six separated bookshelves that can be adjusted and a minimalistic design, the model is impossible not to love.

2. BookD 24" Bookcase Shelves (Set Of 5)

If you like a more industrial design, you will love the BookD shelves. It is a simple model that comes in a pack of 5 shelves. All of them use metal frames and wooden shelves. Due to their design, the shelves are modular, allowing you to position them however you see fit.

1. No-Room Folding Tech Desk

The No-Room folding tech desk is an excellent choice if you are looking for an elegant piece of furniture that takes very little floor space. Designed to be compact, this wooden desk features caster wheels and a pleasant work area that can be used for reading or working on a laptop.