Alex Mill: Defining Masculinity Through Shirts- Best Of 8


When we hear the word fashion, the very first thing that comes into our mind is women. Our brains and perception are inclined toward the notion that fashion is only for women. But the truth is, it is wrong. Men can also have spaces in the fashion industry.

Here, you will see the top 8 shirts under Alex Mill. A store that focuses on the male fashion industry. As men, you’ll be able to find stylish yet muscular shirts perfect for you.

1 Mill Stripe

For a casual-formal look, this shirt is cool to wear with the different stripes in the shirt's yoke the rest of the parts. As it is made from cotton originated in Portugal with shell buttons and x stitch, a truly lightweight yet durable outfit purchasable at $199.43. It comes in a variety of 4 colors, perfect to choose from on any occasion.

2 Popover Corduroy

Now, if you are looking for a shirt that is perfect for any season, this popover corduroy is for you. A shirt to pair with jeans or shorts is soft as it is made from 100 percent cotton. The garment is dyed in 3 colors, perfect for summer, winter, or fall—a flexible shirt for all seasons at a $235.40 price.

3 Short Popover Stripe Shirt

Now, if you want something casual to wear for a summer vacation or a simple getaway, this uniquely designed strip short sleeve shirt is for you. As the garment is made from linen with the classic linear stripe dyed with two shade colors, you have the choice to pick the shade of blue and Ivory or Navy and Ivory. This trendy and casual-looking shirt is for $185.09.

4 Camp Stripe Shirt

Another men's stripe shirt is perfect for camping due to its lightweight and soft materials allowing air to pass through suitable for a hot summer—a truly remarkable shirt for the $169.81 price.

5 Mill Mixed Stripe

No one could ever go wrong with men wearing stripes for $185.09. A combination of the classic linear strip with mixed colors on shirts and different sides. Perfect to wear in either formal or casual activities with a soft and dressy garment.

6 Short Sleeve Poplin

Well, if you need something classic button shirt for an event but don't like to wear some long sleeves, then this is the one for you. Made from 100 percent cotton with a smooth and paper poplin design, you'll love it at a very affordable price of $144.60. It also comes in three colors; white, Olive and Navy.

7 Mill Cotton Twill

Now, if you need something similar to sleeve poplin but in a long sleeve, this shirt is the alternative. The garment is made 100 percent in cotton with three color shades similar to Poplin; it is perfect to wear as it is or put some layers above it when the chilly season comes.

8 Botanical Linen

Botanical and Rustic look is what you want to achieve? Fear no more as Alex Mill got you covered with their Botanical shirt. One hundred percent cotton material with rich colors dyed with natural ingredients to avoid harmful skin irritations. This limited and one-of-a-kind shirt can be purchased at $273.14.

No matter what you’re looking for, surely you’ll find something in us that will match your taste. You can visit our site [] to know more about our unique and modern-day shirts. We also offer a wide range of shirt sizes that will suit you.

With the Alex Mill shirt, you can now be casual, trendy, or formal while at ease.