The Latest Beauty Products In 2022


Most beauty products come and go, but some of them seem to stay with us forever. Here are some of the latest beauty products in 2022 that we can expect to see on the market!

1. Aspartame-free Diet Pepsi

The Pepsi company has promised a diet product made without aspartame by 2023, so it will be interesting to see if this is a reality or not.

2. No-gluten Taco Bell tacos

Taco Bell has recently decided to help people with an allergy to gluten. The company announced earlier this month and guaranteed a new taco shell on the market without gluten by 2022.

3. Fake eyebrows for the natural look

Eyebrows are something we all have, but only some of us pay attention to them. Now there is a way to fake them to give that natural look we all want! They are expected to be on the market sometime between 2022 – 2029.

4. A $100 million high-tech gym

Nothing will make you look better than a gym with everything you could ever want, so this is the new thing. A $100 million high-tech gym where you can enjoy not only working out but also a place to relax and hang out.

5. The new “it” perfume

The latest beauty product to hit the market is perfume with a strange smell designed by a known perfumer to become the next “it” thing. Some call it the next Chanel No 5 or Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. We will see!

6. Hair extensions made from baby’s hair

Sure, there are fake hair extensions on the market, but baby hair is a whole new ball game. A company in South Korea has decided to offer this product for the natural look that everyone is looking for.

7. The Beauty App!

The latest beauty app! Forget about those old-fashioned makeup tutorials and get yourself a new app to help you do your makeup, just like the pros. It will be available by 2022 and will enable you to take pictures of yourself and send them to a makeup artist who will be able to tell you what color lipstick or foundation to use depending on your skin tone, eye color, and so on.

In conclusion, we can expect to see the artificial look become more popular in the future. The natural look is surviving despite everything, and no one will stop trying!