These 8 Shoes Will Transform The Way You Run


1. Torin 6

Comfort is key when you're going for longer runs, and the Standard FootShape fit of the TORIN 6 provides just that. The combination of the blue hues on the knit mesh exterior does a good job of hiding any stains or dust that you're likely to encounter on your run.

2. Escalante 3

Elasticity and lightness are the middle names of the Escalante 3. Weighing only 263 grams, you won't even feel them on your legs. Altra EGO on the midsole and FootPod on the outsole provide enough support for all types of terrain - asphalt, grass, or treadmill.

3. Paradigm 6

Designed in collaboration with an Olympic long-distance runner Kara Goucher, the Paradigm 6 is built to last. The balanced cushioning platform aligns your feet at a perfect distance from the ground to help you achieve maximum performance for distance running and weekly training alike.

4. Vanish Tempo

If speed is your priority, look no further than Vanish Tempo. The geometry behind its unique shape boosts each and every step you take while the durable EVA rubber outsole keeps your landings soft. A sporty white, gray, and red design completes this quite unique shoe.

5. Rivera 2

An ideal all-around shoe, the Rivera 2 focuses on a snug fit that'll remain steady on your feet. Its mostly white upper provides the perfect contrast to the olive green sole. Whether you're going for speed or distance, it'll be your perfect companion.

6. Provision 6

Prolonged running can have a huge impact on your knees. The GuideRail dynamic support system featured by Provision 6 reduced the shifting of the heel while you're on the move, keeping your ankle and your knee perfectly in sync. An Innerflex midsole gives enough room to your feet, allowing them to flex freely.

7. Escalante Racer

As its name suggests, the Escalante Racer was created with speed in mind. The Zero Drop platform combined with FootPod technology helps your feet bend and move naturally while minimizing the chance of injury. While running, your feet will be able to breathe easily with the upper static engineered knit.

8. Torin 5 Luxe

When you're taking a break from running, you can use the Torin 5 Luxe to go on a nice little walk. Putting an emphasis on comfort, this shoe is ideal for any condition and for all occasions. With the Torin 5 Luxe, long distances turn into a breeze.