These 9 Women’s Pendants Are More Than Just Pieces of Jewelry


1. Iced Ruby

A beautiful blood-red, hexagon-shaped ruby gemstone is in the center of this beautiful pendant. The chain comes with a 18k gold plating which perfectly complements the red. Width and height can be personalized, and the options go from 16'' 2mm up to 20'' 3mm.

2. Iced Heart Key Pendant

Often regarded as "good luck" presents, key pendants have special symbolism. They're a bearer of good fortune, and this white gold-plated necklace will bring you both style and luck. The attention to detail is noticeable in the form of a heart-shaped bow, as well as a sparkly, textured chain.

3. Chicago Bulls Micro Pendant

If you're a fan of the NBA - Chicago Bulls in particular - you're gonna love this one. This official NBA team pendant would make even Michael Jordan proud. The gold-plated logo has diamond-like decorations to give it an attractive yet simplistic and straightforward appearance.

4. Ankh Cross In Rose Gold

One of the most widely known Ancient Egyptian symbols, the Ankh represents eternal life. The rose gold plating of this pendant shows the Ankh in its full glory, along with CZ stones that make it shine and stand out. It's a perfect addition to any combination that you decide to bring it into.

5. Smiley Face Necklace

Show off your good vibes and make a statement with this simple yet elegant smiley face necklace. It's not overly striking which means that it can be worn on any occasion, formal or casual. The chain itself is 18k gold-plated with an adjustable length.

6. Micro Angel Wing Pendant

Covered from top to bottom in shiny CZ stones, the angel wing pendant will help you display your purity, strength, and harmony. You'll shine with elegance while wearing this true piece of art, and you can combine it with various chains to make it stand out more.

7. Micro Half Moon Pendant

One of the most versatile pieces in the collection, this half moon pendant is plated with 18k white gold and compatible with pretty much anything you can think of. Whether you want to wear it on its own or in combination with other chains/pendants, you'll surely bring out a graceful appearance.

8. Scorpio Sign Pendant

Show a glimpse of your personality and character through the Scorpio zodiac sign, neatly packed into this detailed pendant. The 18k gold-plated core is combined with a bit of black to give it contrast. The sign pendants are ideal if you want to layer and combine them into one personalized piece of jewelry that you can wear every day.

9. Angel Fairy Pendant

Transform yourself into a Disney princess with this one-of-a-kind angel fairy pendant. The fairy is made out of CZ stones on a 14k white gold-plated foundation. The tiny purple purse that it carries along with her is a true trademark of this piece, and it ensures that you'll attract some looks anywhere you go.