Top 9 Women’s Accessories To Get From TrackSmith


For any style, accent pieces are vital. In this guide, you will find the top nine ladies accessories from TrackSmith you can add to your collection. Remember that adding a few accessories can make an ultimate clothing statement more personalised.

1. Kazu Tourer

With integrated side shields and a titanium bridge badge, you can ensure a clear road view while wearing Kazu Tourer without being distracted by diffuse light or glare. This eyewear is an obvious choice for a marathon-ready running shoe that also looks great when worn with grace.

2. Elastic Hair Ties

It is vital to pull your hair back before a jog or run. A braid, a bun, or a ponytail may be used to display your personality. For those who like to wear their hair up, TrackSmith offers a three-pack of hair elastics.

3. Prospect Beanie

You can wear this Prospect Beanie for days when you want to relax and kick back. Those with allergies will appreciate the Prospect Beanie’s merino wool construction, which is odor-resistant and breathable. The foldover woven tab logo makes it a no-fuss staple that you will grab throughout the year.

4. Elliot Earrings

This pair of Elliot Earrings are made in LA by runners for runners using 14-karat yellow gold and sterling silver. If you want to wear a new set of earrings, this one might be for you. It comes with a post for a secure fit and a butterfly nut clasp.

5. Elliot Chain

Elliot Chain is a perfect accessory to pair with your Elliot Earrings. It is 20 inches long and made with 14-carat gold and sterling silver. This chain features a toggle clasp that allows it to be worn for a decent period.

6. Packable Tote

There is nothing worse than needing a second bag but not having one to hand. This Packable Tote features an embroidered Eliot Hare. The good thing about this bag is that it is durable and extremely lightweight. When not in use, you can fold up and carry this bag in a backpack for easy access to any workout gear or accessories you have.

7. Shoe Bag

This shoe bag can be carried in two ways: across the body or over the shoulder. Because the backstretch is made with elastic, you may jog or run with it as a crossbody bag or in your hands.

8. The Charles Sunglasses

The Charles Sunglasses is made from a thermoplastic TR90 polymer. It is famous for being adaptable, flexible, and durable. Considering that it can flex under pressure, the frame can preserve its structure once it has been shaped to your facial features. Furthermore, it is also hypoallergenic. The Charles eyewear boasts a lightweight design and a snug fit even at maximum speeds, making it a must-have for runners.

9. Tracksmith Sweatband

This Tracksmith Sweatband can help you keep cool and dry when you are working out or running. You can wrap it around your head or wrist. This sweatband is made with high-quality materials, which make it more efficient in absorbing sweat.

Tracksmith is a good source of workout accessories for men and women. All products mentioned above are made with high-grade materials. Therefore, you can rest assured that they will last for several years and you can use the best out of them.