6 Women’s Scarves & Bandanas Online


Scarves can be a great clothing item to help keep you warm, especially during the winter. But also, they can be worn for style. Want to know some options for women’s scarves & bandanas online? You’ve come to the right place!

1) Asago Silk Square Scarf

The Asago Silk Square Scarf is, as it's name suggests, made from silk. It also comes with a flower pattern included. You can wear it as a square scarf, for multi-use, and throughout all seasons.

2) Kettu Square Silk Scarf

The Kettu Square Scarf is next up on the list. It's also made purely from silk, includes the latest Kettu pattern, as well as a zig-zagged shaped hem.

3) Esther Check Wool Scarf

Perfect for wearing during the col winter months, the Esther Check Wool Scarf is made from wool, and can be reversed so that you can still show off its patterned style.

4) Noir Shearling Collar

Want a great neck scarf that will keep in the warmth? Try the Noir Shearling Collar scarf! It's for a fluffy feel and comes with ties for closing.

5) Leopard Shearling Collar

With the Leopard Shearling Collar, you can walk into the season with that AllSaints style.

6) Noche Large Square Scarf

Choose the Noche Large Square Scarf and one of the two options provided: animals patterns in the form of a snake or leopard. It's square shaped, light to wear, and comes with the newest AllSaints Noche print.

Final Words

Are you looking for a new scarf? Now, you’ve got plenty of options to wear! Check out more at allsaints.com.