7 Pearl Jewelry To Add To Your Collection


Women are always on the lookout for a pearl series that they can own. A jewelry collection is not complete without a piece of it. This is not a surprise because pearls symbolize femininity. It adds up a feminine touch to any outfit style. It also symbolizes purity, wealth, patience, and peace. They go with casual and formal outfits styles. On special occasions, pearls are a typical piece of jewelry worn by almost every woman. Here are 7 pearl collections that deserve a spot on your jewelry box.

1. Pearl Newport Necklace

This features a minimalist design. Around the necklace are several small pieces of pearls that add up beauty to the whole piece. This is perfect for beach outfits. The chain is 14k gold adorned with 10 pearls. The pearl measures 2mm to 2.5mm. This is 15" long but can be extended for 2 more inches.

2. Poppy Necklace

This is another piece of pearl jewelry that you can wear on your beach vacation. The small pearls are separated with neon-colored beads. You can use this alone or along with other small necklaces you have to create that layered look. This is 17 inches long so it will sit perfectly around your neck.

3. Pearl Birthstone Necklace

Of course, we cannot exclude the pearl birthstone necklace. For those who are born in June, this is the perfect pearl jewelry. This birthstone is known for its white color. This is why it symbolizes sincerity and innocence. The chain is 16 inches long and the pendant is a 3mm genuine freshwater pearl.

4. Pearl Newport Chain Huggies

These are one-of-a-kind pearl earrings. It features a chain loop that will wrap around your ear below the part where you just put the earring. This chain gives a cool look to the whole piece. This is a 14k gold earring. If you have a sensitive ear, this is for you. It's genuine so it won't cause itchiness or irritation. The pearl measures up to 3mm.

5. Pearl Trinity Studs

This features a classic design. This is perfect for special occasions like parties or weddings. These earrings are believed to give you self-confidence so you can confront the world with your genuine self. The pearl measures 3mm and it's a genuine freshwater pearl.

6. Pearl Parker Charm

Nothing is as charming as this pearl pendant. This is also flexible. You can attach it to an earring or a necklace. It goes well with anything. It works like a keychain that you can put on anywhere. Just be careful of its cute size because it makes it easy to hide from you. The baroque pearl measures 3/8 inches.

7. Reese Pearl Necklace

The gold chain of this pearl necklace is uniquely beautiful. This design is not typical. The chunky chain is 18 inches long. A coin pearl serves as its pendant. To give you an idea of how big the coin pearl is, its diameter measures 0.5 inches. The pendant looks like a mirror especially when you place it under a bright light.