Top 8 Men’s Travel Pants For Maximum Protection And Comfortability


Traditional jeans will not cut it when you are on your adventures. Whether hiking, biking a trail, or on the road, these men’s travel pants will protect you from the elements like rain, wind, and sun while still providing you the comfort you deserve. Kühl offers the best men’s travel pants because of their patented materials and best-in-class construction. We have provided you eight of the best men’s travel pants that Kühl currently offers.

1. Silencr Rogue

Silencr Rogue is a tapered fit pant created using Kuhl's patented REFLEX material, providing the range of motion you require. This model is also water resistant and provides UPF 50 sun protection.

2. Radikl

Radikl is a klassik fit pant created using Kühl's patented ENDURo material, which provides anti-abrasion and UPF 50 protection. They also feature knit panels for maximum breathability and seven pockets to store your belongings.

3. Revolvr

Revolvr is a full fit pant made with Kühl's patented ÜberKÜHL STRETCH material, which provides the same stretch as cotton but adds anti-abrasion and UPF 50 sun protection. They are available in nine different colors.

4. Renegade Rock Pant

Renegade Rock Pant is a tapered fit pant made with Kühl's patented DURALUX fabric, which provides a fantastic range of motion, water-resistant, anti-abrasion, and UPF 50 sun protection.

5. Freeflex Jogger

Freeflex Jogger pant is a jogger-style pant meant for activities like jogging, biking, or the gym. They feature a unique moisture system that will keep you dry and comfortable. Freeflex Jogger also offers UPF 50 sun protection.

6. Konfidant Air

Konfidant Air is a klassik fit pant featuring their ENDURO material, nine pockets, and venting construction. These pants keep you dry and cool, protect you from abrasions, and offer UPF 50 sun protection.

7. Resistor Lite Chino Klassik

Resistor Lite Chino is a klassik fit pant that offers the most comfortability without sacrificing the features that Kühl provides. You can wear these pants for more than just a summer's day activity because they are incredibly stylish.

8. Transcendr Pant

Transcendr is a klassik fit pant you can wear in the worst conditions possible. They are window and water resistance, featuring articulated knees, a drawcord on the bottom hem, and safety pockets.