8 Pairs of Ladies Shoes That Should Be On Your Shortlist


We all love our personal collection of shoes but sometimes, you need to add something new or replace something old. If you are on the market looking for a new pair of ladies shoes, you know how difficult it is to pick just one. There are hundreds of gorgeous shoes and if you have to pick just one new pair, you better be sure that it is something you would love to wear. To make your search easier, we handpicked 8 great pairs of ladies shoes that you might love.

1. Ibiza Platform Sneaker

Platform sneakers have the great advantage of being comfortable to wear. While they may not be the best choice for long walks, the Ibiza Platform Sneaker can be a great choice for a night out or even a day at the office. Their versatile design makes them a well-rounded option.

2. Rose Woven Sandal

For hot summer days, nothing feels more comfortable to wear than a pair of sandals. They are the top choices when it comes to ladies shoes for the summer and the Rose Woven Sandal is an excellent example of functional design and stylish use of leather.

3. Lyon 2.75" Wedge

The Lyon Wedge is an excellent pair of shoes if you like traveling and sightseeing. They are made to be comfortable to wear and due to their open design, they are ideal for the summer and hot weather in general. The shoes have a modern design with a rope-covered sole and long shoe laces around the ankles.

4. Ashore Sneaker

The Ashore Sneaker is a great choice for a more sporty look. Their perforated design makes them very comfortable to wear in hot weather as they are breathable and allow for proper ventilation inside the shoe. The shoes are available in 3 different colors such as gray, pink and white.

5. Suede Collette Heel

Sometimes, you need to dress up for the occasion and you need some matching shoes. The Suede Collette Heel ladies shoes combine practicality with elegance. Their simple and elegant design makes them versatile as they are suitable to wear with jeans or with an elegant dress.

6. Ibiza Platform Psychedelic Spiral

For a more youthful look, you need to give the Ibiza Platform shoes a shot. They are made with a vibrant green pattern on the sides and a tall sole. The shoes are made using genuine leather for the upper and are very comfortable to wear.

7. Venetian Mule

The Venetian Mule ladies shoes are a great choice if you want something elegant but easy to wear at the office or at a casual event. They were designed to be a transition model between a sandal and a regular shoe.

8. Venetian Bootie

The Venetian Bootie is one of the most versatile models of ladies shoes you can get. Designed to be worn with almost any outfit and by women of any age, this particular model is extremely cherished. Made using genuine leather and a comfortable sole, the shoes are ideal for everyday wear.