9 Candles That Light Up The Home And Senses


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1 Seychelles Signature Candle

The soothing scent of Seychelles evoke the smell of vanilla, amber and bergamot, perfect for that night of relaxation. A single wick characteristic ensures you get a long burn for maximum release.

2 Wild Mint Candle

Wild Mint Candle uncannily captures the scent of wild mint on a balmy day. You get the requisite spearmint and peppermint on top, and a subtle hint of white tea underneath.

3 Summer Medium Botanical Candle

A seaside-inspired candle product, it provides a fresh breath of air with vetivert, eucalyptus and sea salt. You'll think that you're really beside the sea when you light this up, settle down and close your eyes.

4 Spa Trio Votive Candles

Get not just one, but three candles in this compelling package. 'Spa', 'Sleep' and 'Calm' are all tried and true products with hundreds of satisfied customers extolling its virtues. They're also packed in a White Company box if you want to gift to a friend or loved one.

5 Nourish Signature Candle

Nourish is aptly named, as the candle immediately produces a comforting and soft scent that will surely put your mind and body at ease. The oat and barley make for creamy notes and will make you feel comforted and peaceful.

6 Seychelles Indulgence Candle

A four-wick candle that's sure to fill the room with orange, coconut, bergamot, vanilla and green jasmine. The hand-finished product comes with a stainless steel lid for covering.

7 Tuberose & Cashmere Large Candle

As per the label, you get a complex yet superb fragrance filled with tuberose and cashmere, with orange and jasmine supporting the main cast. It's a three wick candle which means you get the beautiful and luxurious scent within a minute of lighting it up.

8 Blanc 2-Wick Candle

The Blanc Candle combines patchouli, juniper and geranium for a wonderful floral scent. You'll feel energized and ready for the day ahead, or refreshed and able to get a good night's rest in the evening. You'll definitely love the Blanc candle to the last ember.

9 Verveine Large Candle

The Verveine Large Candle will be just what you need to refresh the senses and reorganize the self for a better tomorrow. The candle has orange, jasmine and lemongrass notes and can be placed in the bedroom, living room or bathroom. A 3-wick setup provides maximum scent spread evenly in the area.