9 Fashionable Long-Sleeve Tops For Men


A men’s long sleeve top might sound like a simple piece of clothing and it is, but it can make or break an outfit. Vuori Clothing have an amazing range of tops to choose from so let’s take a look at just some of them.

1 - Long-Sleeve Strato Tech Tee

This is a soft piece of workout apparel that is available in a bunch of different colors depending on your preference.. It is lightweight and airy so what more could you really need during a trip to the gym, or perhaps a run? It is made for a modern athletic fit meaning that you will feel and look good whenever you wear it.

2 - Austin Henley

This is a heavy-weight top that has a cozy interior, making it perfect for layering in colder weather. With some button detail, it looks great, it comes in a range of colors and can be worn for a whole range of different occasions.

3 - Ease Performance Half Zip

This zip-up hoodie is super versatile and can be worn after a workout or just in daily life. It is super soft and has quick-drying and moisture-wicking technology. This high-quality men's long sleeve top even has a handy pocket for you to use.

4 - Aspen Shirt Jacket

This looks like a shirt but feels like a jacket with a built-in interior fleece and it is also water resistant, this is the ideal shirt for facing the great outdoors. It looks good too so all that is left for you to do before you buy is choose whether you prefer it in blue or grey.

5 - Long Sleeve Rise Tee

This is a simple t-shirt that looks and feels good. It is made with super soft pima-cotton and it's very high-quality. It includes a ribbed neck and a pocket detail, this is guaranteed to become your next go-to tee.

6 - Ponto Performance Crew

If you need a lightweight crew neck for outdoor workouts, look no further. This comes in a gorgeous knit fabric that is quick drying and moisture-wicking. There is also a side zip stash pocket for you to utilize.

7 - Encinitas Crew

This is a super soft crew top that you can throw on whatever the occasion might be. It is also embellished with the Vuori logo on the front. It is comfortable and looks good so what more could you really want?

8 - Jeffreys Pullover

This is a soft, classic, crew-neck shirt with a pocket detail on the front. This is the kind of pullover that you could wear on a daily basis to look good, while also being comfortable at all times.

9 - Long Sleeve Ever Henley

This is a really cool long sleeve t-shirt that is made from natural SeaCell Fiber. It fits really well and comes in two different colors for you to choose from. No matter what the occasion is, this tee would suit the occasion and go with a bunch of different outfits.