9 Garments That Will Change The Way You Feel About Summer


1. UPF 50+ S/S Swim Shirt

This plain white tee is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. It can be combined with any other colors, and the 50+ UPF rating is the maximum possible, ensuring that only up to 2% of UV radiation can penetrate the fabric.

2. Men's Essential Sleeveless Hydroguard

One of Nike's classics, this shirt is perfect for your training sessions or casual wear. With 40+ UPF, your torso and back will stay protected even in the strong summer heat.

3. UPF 50+ L/S Sun Shirt

The long sleeves on this garment cover your whole body to prevent sunburns even on the arms. Seams are flatlock to prevent any chafing while the moisture-wicking finish absorbs any excess sweat.

4. Men's Heather Sunset Logo Short Sleeve

Blue background and a Nike logo in the middle give this shirt a basic yet suitable appearance for any occasion. Its Dri-Fit fabric comes with a 40+ UPF rating, and there's a heat transfer swoosh logo at the upper back center.

5. Men's Front Zip Surf Hoodie

Even when it's a bit colder, the UV rays can still cause damage. This hoodie comes with UPF 30 protection, as well as a special VentX technology with moisture wicking, quick drying, and 4-way stretching for a comfortable fit.

6. Men's Cove Long Sleeve Rash Guard

Made out of nylon and spandex, this rash guard is primarily made for water and its connected sports, such as surfing. It has the highest UPF rating of 50, and it comes with a hood to further protect you from sun exposure.

7. Thermal Training Shirt

The unique "biPoly" fabric of this shirt provides added warmth for longer stays in the water. This material also enhances the natural drag effect, which allegedly improves muscle performance and endurance. It's also quick drying, making it perfect for multiple sessions.

8. Men's 24-7 Hybrid Surf Tank

Lightweight and stretchy, this surf tank gives you both style and protection. Even though it's a slim fit, it isn't too tight so it won't make you sweat more. To top it off, it has 50+ UPF protection for ultimate UV repelling.

9. Waterman Short Sleeve Surf Tee

The waterman tee features a loose, lightweight fit for ultimate comfort in the water. Quickdry Poly mesh in combination with 50+ UPF protection helps maintain optimal body temperature without UV damage. Its simple appearance makes it suitable to wear even when you're out and about.