9 Jewelry Pieces that Show the World Who You Truly Are


1.Bike Wrench W/ Diamond Charm

Show the world that you are both practical and stylish with this unique and gorgeous Bike Wrench with Diamond charm. Let everyone know that not only can you can roll up your sleeves with the best of them and fix your own bike, but that you can still look elegant and classy doing it thanks to the embedded diamond that's sure to draw admiring glances.

2.Pine Cone Charm

Declare your love of nature and its beauty by wearing this Pine Cone charm that shows how much you value the environment. A symbol of strength, sustainability and natural resources, it tells the world that not only do you value and respect its majesty, but that you're a proud eco-warrior too.

3.Petite Bolt W/ Orange Enamel Charm

This Petite Bolt Charm with it's eye popping flash of orange enamel, will not only tell everyone that you know where to find unique jewelry pieces but that you are also proud of your energy and individuality. Let the whole world know that you're not only fully charged but ready to take on all of its challenges.

4.Decision Charm

Left your magic eight ball at home? You'll never be at a loss for guidance with this Sterling Silver Decision Charm. With a pointer that really spins you can get that second, or even third, opinion any time that you need it, and even have the reverse side engraved to really personalize your good luck charm.

5.I Love You Enamel Rotating Signet Charm

As an homage to the popular rotating charms of the 20th century this special I Love You charm beautifully updates the concept. The vibrant blue enamel lets the, seemingly, random letters on each side pop out and are sure to attract attention however, just spin the charm and tell the world, or that special someone, "I Love You".

6.Bike Chain Link Necklace

Love cycling? Tell the world that you are not only an environmental warrior and a champion of healthy exercise but that you know how to combine industry and elegance with this true to life and unique Bike Chain Link necklace. Stunning in execution this Sterling Silver piece makes a bold statement but also looks uniquely stylish.

7.Blue Sandstone Bead Necklace

The simple, yet stunning, Blue Sandstone Bead necklace will reveal your true elegance and your appreciation of nature's gifts. The Blue Sandstone has been long associated with positive energy and is linked to the throat chakra, wearing it will not only make you look good but feel good too.

8.Blue Sandstone Double Row Beaded Bracelet

A single Blue Sandstone bead not only looks sensational, but can be truly inspiring as a reminder of how incredible the natural world is. So imagine how powerful of a statement you'll make wearing a beautifully crafted Blue Sandstone Double Row bracelet designed for a lifetime of positive energy.

9.Round Plaque W/ Diamond Charm

Sometimes less is more and this stunningly simple, yet truly elegant, Round Plaque Charm personifies that ideal. A beautiful round disc, minimalistic in its beauty on one side while on the other an embedded 1.5 mm brilliant cut diamond will draw the gaze of anyone that appreciates true style and beauty. Have your initial engraved above it and truly show your sophistication.