7 Best Watches From Kendra Scott


Are you in the market for a quality and stylish watch but don’t know where to shop? Start with these seven great selections from the Kendra Scott brand.

The watch is one of the most iconic accessories for both men and women. Today, it’s still popular and now comes in different styles, shapes, sizes, and other variations. However, due to high demand, low-quality and fake watches have populated the market, which makes purchasing difficult. Regardless, if you’re looking for an authentic and stylish timepiece but don’t know where to shop, start with these selections from Kendra Scott:

1. Ivory Mother-of-Pearl Alex Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch

The Alex Gold Tone Watch is a 35mm timepiece with an ivory mother-of-pearl gem. It uses a "stick" dial type and three-hand movement, which is known for being accurate. Even when used regularly, it will remain flawless thanks to the polished metals and durable glass case made from anti-scratch sapphire.

2. Black Mother-of-Pearl Dira Stainless Steel Watch

If you're looking for a fashionable piece with a unique shape, then the Dira Black 28mm Watch is a great choice. At first glance, you'll notice its case with pointed edges complemented with black mother-of-pearl dial background. On top of that, there are diamond hour markers and hands in a classical style that completes the distinctive look.

3. Leather Wrap Elle Gold Tone Stainless Steel Watch

Unlike common watches, the Elle Gold Tone Stainless Steel uses a long full grain leather strap that wraps around the wrist. It also has a curved rectangular case with a thick golden bezel and crown. In the dial, you'll love the glamourous Abalone background and well-designed hands and hour markers.

4. Two Tone Alex Stainless Watch In Abalone

If you like the Alex Gold Watch from Kendra Scott but want it to be more stylish, then the Alex Abalone variant is perfect for you. Instead of the all-gold design, its case/strap has a genuine stainless steel color with hints of gold. It also offers an Abalone dial background with the brand's medallion logo up top.

5. Two Tone Dira Stainless Steel Watch In Abalone

The Two Tone Dira Watch is a great timepiece that would look good on your wrist. It has an eye-catching case with pointy edges and a gold color that matches the middle part of the strap. Additionally, the dial has a four marker stick design and a lovely Abalone background.

6. Leather Wrap Elle Gold Tone Watch In Black Mother-of-Pearl

The Elle Gold Tone Leather Watch offers a striking design with its long full grain leather wrap strap. Aside from that, it has a curved rectangular case that looks unique and makes it easy to read the time. It also has embossed hour markers laid out in a nacre or mother-of-pearl case interior.

7. Whitley Silver Stainless Steel Chain Watch Band

While it's only an accessory, the Whitley Chain will surely make your Apple Watch look more appealing than before. It's a silver stainless band with a chain design and triangular lugs that are easy to connect and detach. You can use it with a 1st to 7th-generation Apple Watch, which is especially convenient for collectors.