9 Pair Of Jeans For Women That Should Be Included In Your Wardrobe


There is no piece of clothing for women that is more popular and more loved than jeans. Almost all women own at least one pair. If you are one of the many that enjoy wearing jeans and need to scout for something new for your wardrobe, look no further. We did the scouting for you and managed to find 9 amazing pairs of jeans that you can wear with great confidence.

9. Lee High Licks Skinny Jeans Black

A classic pair of black jeans will always look good. The Lee High Licks Skinny jeans were designed to go above the waistline and complement the natural curves of the body. Despite being designed to be a slim-fit pair of jeans, they are comfortable to wear.

8. Wrangler Hi Pins Skinny Jeans Essence

For a more modern and vibrant look, you need to consider a light blue pair of jeans. The Wrangler Hi Pins jeans are a great choice for daring women that are looking for a youthful look. With a high-rise and cuts around the knee area, the jeans are difficult not to love.

7. Riders By Lee Mid Ankle Skimmer Jeans Mystic Indigo

The Riders By Lee Mid Ankle jeans are what most would consider a more elegant pair of jeans that can be worn with high heels. They are made using a thinner fabric that makes them easy to wear and comfortable. The jeans have slim-fit tailoring and has a classic five-pocket design.

6. Lioness Miami Vice Pant Forest Green

The Lioness Miami Vice jeans certainly stand out. With an oversized design, the jeans are comfortable to wear. Their forest green color makes them stand out when compared to regular jeans. Also, they feature large pockets on the sides, two on the back and another two on the front.

5. Lioness High Rise Belle Jean Blue Denim

While the Miami Vice jeans from Lioness are gorgeous, with their more popular design, the High Rise Belle Jean is even more interesting. Made in light blue denim color, the jeans have the same design inspired by cargo pants. They have a high-rise and a baggy fit that makes them very comfortable to wear.

4. Riders By Lee Mid Rise Ankle Skimmer Jeans Destiny Fade Blue

The Riders by Lee Mid Rise Ankle Destiny jeans are a good pick if you like to wear high heels or elegant shoes with your jeans. They are made to be a touch more elegant and have a tight fit that complements the natural curves of the body.

3. Abrand A High Skinny Ankle Basher Buster Black

It is difficult to not love a plain pair of black jeans. The Abrand High Skinny jeans are made with a high rise, have a skinny fit, and have a ripped design around the knees. These design elements make them modern and easy to wear with a wide range of outfits.

2. Abrand A 94 High Slim Jeans Stone

While not everyone likes wearing a white pair of jeans, the Abrand A 94 slim jeans are the kind of jeans that would fit well any woman. They are easy to mix and match with all types of outfits and have a relaxed fit that makes them very comfortable to wear.

1. Wrangler Lita Straight Hempress Jeans

If you cherish comfort above everything else, the Wrangler Lita Straight Hempress jeans should be on your list. This simple pair of jeans have a classic design in the sense that they do not have a tight fit. They are made with a highrise and are extremely versatile.