9 Sweaters and Cardigans for Women That You Will Adore


There is a certain excitement that everyone gets when purchasing new clothes. It gives us confidence and it is always a pleasure to wear something you just purchased. Sweaters are no exception to the rule. Getting a nice sweater can be a joy especially when you find a model that you genuinely like. A sweater shop can have hundreds of different models to choose from but to make things easier, we handpicked 9 different sweaters that are worth spending money on.

9. Misa Dress

While the Misa dress is not advertised as a sweater, it is a sweater. It is an oversized sweater that looks like a dress. This aspect of its design makes it a very interesting proposition for a sweater. It is a modern sweater with a youthful design that is easy to wear and very comfortable.

8. Lightweight Merino Double V Sweater

If you enjoy a basic and comfortable sweater, you will love the Merino Double V sweater. It is a v-neck sweater with a simple design, a relaxed fit, and a premium fabric. The model is only available in black which is probably the best color for this type of sweater. It is also one of the most popular sweaters in the Universal Standard sweater shop.

7. Chevron Blanket Sweater Taupe

For a day at the office or a casual social event, the Chevron Blanket sweater is an excellent choice. While it has a classic design, it comes with a modern twist. The sweater is meant to be worn as an oversized piece of clothing and works well with a simple pair of pants.

6. Zoe Half Zip Funnel Neck Pullover

The Zoe Half Zip Funnel neck sweater is a very practical choice. With a relaxed fit and classic half zip, the sweater has a modern look that allows it to be worn for a wide range of occasions. Made from cotton, the sweater is both soft and comfortable to wear.

5. Essential Cashmere Crew

If you are browsing a sweater shop for a cashmere sweater, the Essential Cashmere Crew sweater should catch your attention. Made entirely out of cashmere, the fabric is extremely soft and lightweight. The design of the sweater is simple but in this case, less is more.

4. Essential Cashmere V

The Essential Cashmere V is similar to the Cashmere crew. What makes it different is the v-neck shape. It adds a youthful and relaxed vibe to the sweater. Combine with the fact that it is made entirely out of cashmere, the sweater should be on your radar since cashmere is difficult to find in your average sweater shop.

3. Curve Cardi

The Curve Cardi is certainly a sweater that you will love. It has a simple design but conservatory design featuring a button-down closure and a tall neck collar. Made entirely out of wool, the sweater is not only elegant but comfortable as well.

2. City Featherweight Merino Cardigan

If you have a decent wardrobe, you should own at least one cardigan. Every decent sweater shop should have a few models on sale. The City Featherweight Merino cardigan is considered a superior model in terms of the quality of the fabric, design, and functionality.

1. Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater

The Lightweight Merino Tunic is the kind of sweater that you will love. It has a modern extra-long design that makes it youthful and elegant. The front features a zippered slit that grants it an airy look. The sweater can be worn casually at home when going out or even for a day at the office.