9 Women’s Swim Team Shorts That Are Worth Spending Money On


If you enjoy swimming more than a day at the beach to get a tan, you need to have a proper pair of women’s swim team shorts. Sadly, this type of product is a bit more difficult to find since they are not extremely popular. On the upside, there are a few places where you can get them. If you are looking for a pair, we put together a list of 9 shorts that will make your swimming sessions considerably more enjoyable.

9. Arena Women's Team Line Split Leg Short

A pair of women's swim team shorts need to be simple and practical. The Arena split leg short was designed to be as comfortable and practical as possible. With no pockets and a comfortable fit, the shorts ensure that movement is not impaired in any way when swimming.

8. TYR Women's Team Short

The TYR women's team short is a great choice if you need a lightweight and well-made pair of swim pants. They are made without any pockets and are made out of a special fabric that does not stick to the skin. They are also made to dry off very quickly.

7. SwimOutlet Women's Sport-Tek® Cadence Short

The SwimOutlet women's swim team shorts are an excellent choice if you are looking for excellent value for money. They are made using a light fabric and a relaxed fit. The shorts are moisture-wicking but also do not retain water and get dry very fast.

6. Arena Women's National Team Flag Short

The Arena National Team Flag Short is a fun and practical model. With the US flag printed on the shorts, the model certainly stands out. They are made without any pockets and have a relaxed fit. The fabric used is lightweight and very comfortable to wear.

5. Arena Women's OG US Short

Arena makes several different women's swim team shorts but the OG US short is one of the more popular models. Made with a simple design, lightweight fabric, and a relaxed fit, the shorts are ideal for long swimming sessions.

4. Arena Women's Lorella Team Shorts

If you are looking for a pair of swimming shorts for women that has a more tight fit, the Lorella Team Shorts from Arena may be worth checking. The shorts are made from a material that does not retain water and gets dry quickly. They are also easy to stretch to provide a tight but comfortable fit.

3. Dolfin Original Tricot Female Short

The Dolfin Original Tricot female short is a great choice if you are looking for something simple and practical. Made only in orange color and with stretchable fabric, the shorts are very comfortable to wear. They are made entirely out of Nylon Tricot and do not retain water.

2. SwimOutlet Women's Fitted Jersey Short

If you are not comfortable wearing polyester shorts, you should try a bend of both cotton and polyester. The SwimOutlet Fitted Jersey Short is a pair of women's swim team shorts that is a mix of both. They absorb more water but they are very comfortable to wear and inexpensive.

1. SwimOutlet Unisex Team Pulse Short

The SwimOutlet Unisex Team Pulse Short is a great choice that is both inexpensive and very practical. Made to be a unisex model, this pair of women's swim team shorts features a very simple design with a red polyester fabric and white stripes on the sides.