8 Maternity Belly Wraps For Your Pregnancy


A pregnant belly wrap will give your stomach support throughout your pregnancy and can be worn under any outfit some are more suited for postpartum too. Belly Bandit has a good range to choose from and you can find some of them below.

1 - 2-in-1 Hip Bandit

This belly wrap is one that you can wear during and after your pregnancy. As your bump grows, the band will lift and support, and afterwards, it is really comfortable to wear around your hips as your body readjusts.

2 - Upsie Belly Pregnancy Support Band

This is a great pregnancy belly wrap that will support your back and your bump. The bamboo fabric molds to your body perfectly, while still remaining breathable.

3 - Luxe Postpartum Belly Wrap

This is a compression belly wrap that is ideal for wearing after you have had your baby. It has some of the features of a corset and will cinch you in, helping you get your pre-baby body back in no time at all.

4 - Viscose From Bamboo Belly Wrap

This is a super soft pregnant belly wrap that is usually encouraged to be worn post partum. It will support your hips, tummy, and waist after delivery and will help you feel more confident in yourself once again.

5 - B.F.F. Belly Wrap

This is a specially formulated post baby belly-wrap in a corset style with different adjustments that you can keep altering as you size down. It has a curved design for your comfort and there is 6 different support panels.

6 - Belly Shield

This belly shield is a unique product that should be worn underneath your belly wrap. It provides skin relief and it is made with a stretchy material that is designed to keep lotions and cream off your wrap at all times.

7 - Original Belly Wrap

This is the original belly wrap from Belly Bandit that will bind and compress your belly for postpartum recovery. This particular item has many positive reviews, it is comfortable and worth trying out for yourself.

8 - Belly Wrap Extender

If your belly wraps are not big enough when worn with your growing bump or postpartum, this extender will help you make it longer, meaning that women of all shapes and sizes can get the benefits.