9 Elegant Backpacks That Can Successfully Replace A Handbag


It is difficult to replace a backpack with a regular handbag. However, backpacks are considered less stylish and you cannot wear one with any outfit. There is a solution in the form of high-quality, premium leather backpacks that are a bit more elegant and considerably more practical than a handbag. If you are looking for an elegant backpack, we have 9 suggestions that you might love.

9. Barley Tan/Brushed Gold Medium Hunter Backpack

The Barley Tan and Brushed Gold medium backpack is the ideal choice for everyday wear. With a neutral color that makes it easy to wear with any type of clothing style, the backpack is one of the most popular models from the brand.

8. Black/Gunmetal Large Hunter Backpack

If you want a black leather backpack, the Black/Gunmetal Hunter is worth checking out. The model is the larger variant that offers more storage space. With gunmetal accents and multiple zippered pockets, the backpack has a modern and elegant vibe to it that makes it worth considering.

7. Grey Natural/Brushed Gold Medium Hunter Backpack

Backpacks from the Hunter line are all made using genuine leather. What makes the Grey Natural medium backpack special is the color. The model features two small pockets on the sides, a leather handle, and a reasonably large main compartment that makes it practical and easy to carry around.

6. Sunstruck Yellow Crocco/Brushed Gold Medium Hunter Backpack

If you are looking for backpacks that stand out, you may Sunstruck Yellow Crocco model an interesting proposition. It is made from croc-embossed leather with twill lining and gold accents for the zipper and buttons. The model is relatively small making it a convenient alternative to a regular handbag.

5. Plume Moss Nubuck/Brushed Gold Medium Hunter Backpack

The Plume Moss Nubuck backpack is one of the most interesting backpacks from the brand. What makes it stand out is the use of soft, muted nubuck. The texture of the leather makes it very pleasant to touch. It features two side pockets, a leather handle, and gold accents for the buttons and zipper.

4. Clear Black/Gunmetal Medium Hunter Backpack

While not everyone loves clear backpacks, the Clear Black/Gunmetal Hunter model certainly stands out. It is meant to be daring and practical. The model does not feature side pockets but has one large compartment and leather elements for the straps and handle.

3. Black/Brushed Gold Red Zip Medium Hunter Backpack

While the Brushed Gold Red Zip medium backpack is similar to the other backpacks from the Hunter line, it has a few elements that make it one of their most popular models. Made entirely out of premium black leather, the backpack features gold accents for the zipper with a red lining.

2. Brushed Gold/Grey Natural Large Hunter Backpack

The Brushed Gold/Grey Natural backpack is the same as their smaller version in terms of what type of leather is being used. However, being a larger model, the backpack features 3 side pockets with zippers, gold buttons, and a golden zipper.

1. Verdant Green/Brushed Silver Large Hunter Backpack

The Verdant Green large backpack is by far their most elegant and appealing model. Compared to the rest of the backpacks from the Hunter line, this is the only backpack made entirely out of green leather. It offers plenty of storage space, and pockets and it is very easy to mix and match with various outfits.